Xp pro non validating

The XP installation disk had been purchased and used to initially install Windows XP several years ago when it had been purchased to replace the Windows Vista OS that originally came with his computer and used again a couple of years later for a "re-install" when he was again having problems.

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For this reason, I had to go ahead and install SP2 and SP3 in order to access the internet and perform the activation.1.

Both legal copies, so the installation progressed normally, but they refused to update.

"A plot by Microsoft to p*$$ off XP-users", I thought.

Is it a case of the validation process not running, or are you getting the 'not legal' pop up2. I'm wondering if it was an e Bay purchase, whether the product key accompanying it has since been blacklisted.

Depends upon how far back we're going, but if it's XP Pro, there used to be a loads of counterfeit copies on e Bay with a volume licence key, since blacklisted.3 Re XP: Until recently, it had been years before I did an XP reinstall, but had a couple just recently.

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