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“I think men are very intimidated by me, without the show, and then you have to add my father into it, you have to add, not that my ex-husband has anything to do with my life, but if they look him up it kind of scares people.

Then I have a 21 year old son, so they have to go through all these channels and they never give me the opportunity,” she pauses.

Despite this, and despite professing her love for Pagan on the show and saying she wanted to give their marriage another chance, she told the Post if she had known of his 'immense betrayal' she would have tipped off her dad immediately, even though that would likely mean her husband would be murdered.

But in an exercise where Renee lay on a stretcher, pretending to be dead after text driving accident, Joe didn’t give her the response she was looking for.

Her followers showed their support for her after she posted a series of pictures with her new boyfriend and former NBA star, Sam Mack. After leaving the NBA, Mack spent another ten years playing for international teams before officially retiring from basketball in 2013.

Soon after, however, he removed the shot, which he explained on Twitter was “out of respect” for the reality star. His Twitter page also includes a mention of the two hanging out the day before the photo was posted — so this is at least something that’s been going on for a little while.

Not only does she look radiant, but reported that she’s never felt healthier.

with her boyfriend, Joe Gambino, shortly before checking into a rehab facility for depression-related issues.

Graziano told Hip Hollywood exclusively that she and the gentleman, who goes by Young Platinum on Instagram, are just friends. I’m very single and yes [he’s] way too young lol I like my men older and grown.” Before Young Platinum posted and deleted the photo last night, Graziano sat down with us and dished on her single status, if she dates Black men and wanting to move to Atlanta, aka Chocolate City. I date men, period, so it doesn’t make a differnece, color,” explained Graziano.

“We are by no means a couple, nor are we anything else,” said Graziano. “I just want to date a God fearing man.’ “I’m single for the longest time,” she added.

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