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Degrassi Community School is a fictional middle/high school in the teen drama television series Degrassi: The Next Generation and the titular academy primarily associated with it.The school opened in September 2001 and was the school that held the Degrassi High reunion.Completely renovated and changed by the Summer of 2001, Degrassi Community School features nontraditional design schemes using new materials.Despite being named a Community School, Degrassi does not follow the typical public school layout but closer to being identified as an alternative school, with the heavy emphasis on Media Immersion pointing to the possibility of it being a tech magnet school.

This forced the students of Lakehurst to move into Degrassi to finish their schooling. The event of the schools merging resulted in many fights and hatred between the students.The Degrassi students did not welcome them into their lives, obviously due to the anger of a Lakehurst student being the cause of J. Since the events that occurred in December 2010, in the episode All Falls Down (2) from former student Mark Fitzgerald, the Degrassi students have been required to wear colored polo shirts, with grade 9 freshmen wearing yellow, grade 10 sophomores wearing purple, grade 11 juniors wearing red and grade 12 seniors wearing blue.This uniform regulation has been dropped as of Season 12, and students can now dress as they like, though they still need to wear their IDs.In the spacious front entrance lobby, a mural outlooks the front steps, one later redrawn by Jimmy Brooks.Written primarily at the top of the walls above the locker/hallway areas, there are a number of inspirational quotes employed. Yorke in 2006, a memorial garden is built in his name at the school.

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