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Quotas allow access for a specified length of time or a specific bandwidth, calculated separately for each user. One way to do this is to configure a security policy using the identity-based policy feature.Apply the web filter profile in which you have configured Forti Guard Web Filter and Forti Guard Web Filter quotas to such a security policy.All networks will participate in VLAN packet tagging.VLANs that have been provisioned due to customer request, as opposed to being provisioned in association with a new device, may be canceled at any time.Forti Guard Web Filtering service supports detection for traffic using HTTP protocol (versions 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0).Forti Guard Web Filtering includes over 45 million individual ratings of web sites that apply to more than two billion pages.If the category is not blocked, the page request is sent to the requested URL as normal.

Users can notify the Forti Guard Web Filtering Service Points if they feel a web page is not categorized correctly, so that the service can update the categories in a timely fashion.

When Forti Guard Web Filtering is enabled in a web filter or a DNS filter profile, the setting is applied to all firewall policies that use this profile.

When a request for a web page appears in traffic controlled by one of these firewall policies, the URL is sent to the nearest Forti Guard server. If the category is blocked, the Forti Gate unit provides a replacement message in place of the requested page.

To make configuration simpler, you can also choose to allow or block entire groups of categories.

Blocked pages are replaced with a message indicating that the page is not accessible according to the Internet usage policy.

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