Updating registry keys sp3

For most applications | there should be little reason to touch these settings, but there exists a limited set of | applications that will choose a broken code path based on the PCI IDs.

Note that only | combinations listed in wined3d's gpu_description_table[] are valid here.] | -Direct Input | | | -Mouse Warp Override | | [Override default mouse pointer warping behavior: | | enable: (default) warp pointer when mouse exclusively acquired | | disable: never warp the mouse pointer | | force: always warp the pointer] | | | - | | [This maps axes of joystick "joystick name".

This deprecates the "Strict Draw Ordering" setting.

| | This is another legacy option that will most likely disappear at some point.In effect, you would have full control of the entire registry.However, this is not recommended for security purposes unless you plan on removing said permissions when you finish working. You should now be able to edit any of the entries within the registry key that you just modified permissions for.Use this to workaround | | application bugs like https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34052, | | usually resulting in geometry glitches.

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