Straight sex hookups in baltimore crusing

Like an SUV with tinted windows slowly cruising up Calvert Street, it seems to ask 'Male/Female'?

bed, each of us on our i Phones, silently scrolling through Grindr and assessing the abs and buttocks of Union Square’s proximal gay men.

There's something undeniably hot about feeling like you're breaking the rules.

In this spirit, I nominate Jonathan Borofsky's reviled 'Male/Female' as the kinkiest artwork in Baltimore.

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At that time, the nascent gentrification of newly christened "Station North" had not yet displaced the neighborhood's booming underground economy of queer sex workers.

We believe their answers should matter to all of us as gay consumers, and urge you to join the conversation.

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In addition to these minimum standards, we believe marketing and outreach to LGBT consumers, membership in the IGLTA and promotion of LGBT gatherings in daily cruise calendars are important indicators of a cruise line’s commitment to LGBT customers, not just commerce.

See the full article in the March issue of Man About World or here on Man About to see the specific responses.

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