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Charity Watch gives letter grades, Charity Navigator uses stars, and BBB Wise Giving Alliance reports which, if any, of its charitable standards a charity fails to meet, awarding accreditation only to those charities that comply with its request for information and meet all of its standards.

We looked for agreement among all three watchdogs; however, in some cases we included groups that were evaluated by just two.You can find more by going to the watchdogs’ websites directly.Charity Watch is the only watchdog of the three that requires visitors to make a donation for full access to its reports, although it provides a list of its top-rated charities and other useful information free of charge.Charity Watch gave Disabled Veteran’s National Foundation a grade of F, and The Mission Continues earned an A.Before making a donation, it's a good idea to look up the charity you are considering at the websites of the charity watchdogs.

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