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Victoria can't help but be drawn into the spiral, and soon, is completely hypnotized and underneath Amanda's control.Amanda turns Victoria into her slave, making her do her chores, pledge her obedience and even post a topless pic of herself to her social media.She walked into the warehouse confidently and begun her search for the bomb.After a quick search she's located the bomb, it's counting down.

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Nine "butt in the air" Aika-style KOs neck pinch double KO double karate chop KOs double jaw punch KOs single neck pinch KO 9 girl body piles final "shock bullet" multi-KO File info: Duration: Format: 1280x720 / mp4 Size: 194 MB Nicky Phillips My second session with the gorgeous, leggy, and really rather tall Nicky Phillips! Looping, Thumb Sucking, Locking Triggers Installing POWER-OFF, POWER-UP, GROWTH, SHRINK & JUMP Triggers Posing, Screaming, Sucking, Pausing Breasts Growing Jump Trigger DESIRES TO Give me her panties DESIRES TO wiggle her butt for me (whilst her bum grows) Giant Booty Balance Problems Power Failing: Slow and dopey Power Up! Shrinking Nicky Tiny Thumb Sucker Age Shrinking Age Regressed Thumb Sucker Looping Regressed Nicky Back to normal, doesnt know why shes on the floor Chickening, Screaming, Freezing Loves / Hates her reflection Naked Nymphomaniacs Dating Video DESIRES TO dress in her bikini Chat Before Part 3 Part 3: Body Stockinged Fembot Training Nickys Drink is laced with NANOBOTS Nanobots make Nicky more and more emotionless and robotic Triggered to emote Triggered to pose whilst blank Programming the Nicky simulation to love Reactivating Modified Nicky Reactivating Fembot Nicky Programming Nicky to be more submissive Posing in Slave Positions Pendant Training & Mindless Mantras Good Girl Pleasure Trigger Frozen Flyaround Kneeling Nicky Fembot at attention Testing the Fembots Triggers Remotely Reactivating Nicky as a Submissive Bimbo Nickys happy to hand over her panties Forgets her own name on command Her name is now Slavegirl Posed for inspection Moving my Frozen Doll Musical Statue (Music makes her dance sexily) ;10 Removes her Nipple Protectors!In four separate scenes, we witness Sumiko sneak attack and KO all eight ladies, leaving them in a pileup that she eventually becomes a part of (due to her POV instructor's devious KOs)!This is as pure and simple as it gets, guys:knockouts aplenty, multiple bodypiles, and award-winning performances from 9 of SKW's BEST fighters!

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