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The Advertiser has no objection to travel, is well educated, possesses a very cheerful disposition, and has never been in a situation before. Also a great mimber of other sound, young, fresh Horses, the sort for the Continent. Churchill's, 21, New Quebec-street, Portman-square. W' ANTS a Situation as COOK ^ HOUSEKEEPER, or as Housekeeper in town, but has no objection to town or country, a respectable Person, between 30 and 40 years of age, who thoroughly understands her business in all its branches, and can have an undeniable character. Tte house contains a large hall, dining room 30 feet by 20, two drawing rooms, study, ten bedrooms, and two large dressing rooms; excellent cellars and offices, coachhouse, and two three Mstall stables. Bromley, 3, Gray's Inn-square.__ H'Ripley, surrey.—Freehold Residence, (Sc.—To be SOLD by Mr. To be viewed by tickets, and particulars had of Mr. RAINY (with the option for the purchaser to take the household furniture), a capital RESIDENCE, comprisiag stone hall and staircase, bow-windowed eating room, library. The Inventor of au Apparatus to employ MANUAL LABOUR instead o F STEAM POWER is ready to prove before any Vestry that he can, with this Invention, effect a saving of'^fi Ry per cent, in the Poor Rates. Madame ballicourt, de paris, 15, Conduit-street, Hanover-square, Marchanda de Mode», Couturiere, &c. R., and C».early inspection of the same, «»the premis« «ill be «»rtly ditposed of, when the whole remainder must be cleared without reserve. V in __ ----""--g of the kind was known), continue ;ve years' exferie^, at the Mi^nu-Surrey-street, Blaokfmrs-road, where orders personally, or per Twopenny Post, are punctually attended to. RAINY, a highly-valuable and improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE, free of great tithe, comprising, in a ringfence, nearly 700 acres of very rich meadow, pasture, and arable land, divided into several farais, with farmnouses and suitable agricultural buildings, in the occu Mtion of most respectable tenants from year to year, and of the clear annual value of about Eleven Hundred Pounds, an eligible and secure property for investment. The Premises have a large garden, with considerable frontage to the New-road, and extend from Devonshire-place to High-street, and near is stabling for six or seven horses, held for a long temi at a small annual outgoing.

References given to those families of rank and respectability who have been and are visiting in the family, and an interview may be had with the Ladv, who is in town. B., 20, Sweeting's-allev, Cornhi H AYouhg Lady, of highly respectable family in the country, is desirous of meeting with an Engagement as companion to a LADY, or an Elderly Ladv and Gentleman. Would not object to a situation as Housekeeper in a Nobleman or Gentleman's family where great trust and care are required ; town or country immaterial. References can le jgiven to Professional Gentlemen of the highest respectability. Some excellent Gig and Cabriolet Horses, well broke, and fit for immediate work. A pair sixteen hands, and a pair fifteen hands three inches, very grand figures, and fine goers, A pair of short-legged strong active horses, exactly the sort for country work. Mason's, 2, Carburton-slreet, Portland-place.________ WANTS a Situation as LADY'S MAID, a steady, respectable, young Person, who thoroughly understands her business, and can have an unexceptionable character from the Lady she is about to leave, with whom she has lived four years. For pleasure parties, counting-houses, breakfast, luncheon, &c., they are most convenient and desirable. Thirty-se Ven acres of wood land, belonging to the estate, which is ft manor, are in hand, and abonna with game. , and ample domestic offices ; held for a term of about S4 years, at a very small ground rent. HITEHALL-PLACE.-To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, by Mr. ~ 7 — - " " —- va a ) sly supersediag the necessity of a common belt. Leicestershire.—to be sold by PRIVATE CONTRACT, by Mr. RAINY a most desirable RESIDENCE, having two staircases, fbur rooms on tlw ground floor, two ele^nt drawing rooms and an ante-room, numerous family bed chambers, and ample offices, with detached apa^ient» for domestics. Thio oldmasters.—exeterhall, strand.—The SECOND ANNUAL EXHIBITION for the SALE of PAINTINGS by the OLD MASTERS is now OPEN. " The Amor," by Dominichino, is one" of the finest pictures in Europe.__ B ÚRFORD'S FALLS of NIAGARA. He must be a middle-aged man, ol gentee address and active habits, and fully competent to all the duties of the situation, and whose character will bear thf strictest scrutiny. Minister commence at JAMES THOMSON, Sec, Museum of national manufac- TURES, and of the MECHANICAL ARTS, 28, Leicester-icjuare (east tide), in continuation of the design of the National Repository. Satisfactory references will be given and required. B., Sussex Plotel, 127, B«Qverie-8treet, Fleet-sfreet T 0 invalids visiting the con- practice at the west end of the town, having been nearly five-and-twenty years in the Profession, is desirous of accompany-'a Nobleman or Gentleman requiring Medical Treatment inçi to Italy, or the dressed to D. In addition to his being of superior talents as a Medical Man, of the most agreeable dispositien, and highly accomplished, he speaks fluently mostof the European languages, and in point of economy would be found a desirable acquisition. 19, Chtncery-lane, London._ Priv ate p U pil.—a married Clergyman, for some years Tutor to a Nobleman, and subsequently receiving' Six Pupils info his house, a moderate distance from London, would be glad to fill a VACANCY with a Gentleman's Son, whose health or education may require more than common. Office of ANTED a messman for Dragoon Guards, at present stationed Application ' ' the 4th at Cahir, .. SITUATION WANTED AS SECRE-, ACCOUNTANT, TRAVELLER, COL LECTOR OF RENTS, &C.-A Gentleman of middle age, educated at one of the Universities, who has been accustomed to composition and general correspondence, and possesses an accurate knowledge of bookkeeping, accounts, and cash transactions, and is acquainted with the Fi'ench and Italian languages, is desirous of being employed in the establishment of any Gentleman, or in a great mercantile house, in any of the above capacities. A., Rector of Southery, &c., who will be happy to forward to any applicant copies of his term? ; Kitchen Candles per dozen lbs.; Y'ellow Soap 56s.; Mottled 668.; and Wilmott's Patent Cocoanut Soap W. may be consulted on all branches of the profession daily, between Ten and Four, at No. Hernia.—Persons afflicted with Hernia are most respectfully informed that they will find immediate relief on applying to Mr. IEF in ail the above cases, without causing the slightest pain or inconvenience. At home fiom two till five o'clock._' IMPORTANT to the PUBLIC.—Ai this Season of the Year, when those excrescences, CORNS and BUNIONS, are peculiarly paiuful, it will be highly gratifying to those afflicted to learn that immediate relief may i)e relied on by the application of ROBERTSON'S R0^ AI. Also the best Private Boxes for Madame Malibran's performance in La Sonnambula at Covent-Garden on Thursday next are to be had at Same's ; where may also be engaged Opera Boxes by the night, and Pit Tickets at 8s. ; as an ARTICLED PUPIL, where he will find thè comforts of a genteel home, combined with itistruction. T no families going abroad.—a _ Physician at the West End is desirous of procuring a SITUATION for a Friend, whom he can particularly recommend, to ACCOMPANY an IN VALID or a FAMILY GOING ABROAD. S., at Mr Rodwell's, Bookseller, 46, New Bond-street, London, will be duly forwarded to him in the country._ w Ireland. Hopkinson, Barton, and Co., 3, Regent-street, between the hours of nine and three. Corner.—To be LET, fully and newly Furnished, for two or three months, a ve^ complete and delighttul detached VILLA RESIDENCE, containing four bed and three iecoh Majesty and for many of the Nobility, respectfully announe-a that he continues practising the various branches of his profession on the scientific principles adopted by Mr. 28, Conduit-street, Bond-street.__ LADIES of the Nobihty and Gentry who are suffering pain from CORNS, distorted Toe Naih, Bunions, &c., who from a sense of delicacy are averse to Gentlemen operating upon their feet, are respecti'ully informed that ^f^3. Df No.40, Lisle-street, Lpic.'s cr-square, undertakes to AFFORD IMMEDIATE RKl.For fuck's sake, his stupid Twitter account alone is going to get us killed. Pun Donald is President, now Grabbing woman by the Pussy will be legal & also No will now mean Yes when according to the Trump Law.. Read, especially, the Nor Gehri comments for an extra education on politics. It's definitely locker room talk because a pussy is a hole u don't grab a hole u go in it. In a video on youtube of Hillary Clinton with Diane Sawyer discussing Monica Lewinsky - Diane asks Hillary if she called Monica a narcissistic loony toon and Hillary said: I am not going to comment on what i did or did not say back in the late 90's. At least Trump admitted to locker room talk and apologized. PLEASE -- TELL ME --- WHO THE HELL IS DONALD TRUMP REALLY FOR ??? Remember, keep your friends close but keep your enemies CLOSER ). Don't you have to know what the other side is saying in everything ?

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