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At home, Annie confronts her father, and insists that she wants to move on with her life.Annie hears from Brittany about a website in which people are belittling the fact that she was raped and posting photo manipulations of her in pornographic poses, as well as revealing her phone number and address.

It's at this point that Annie's so-called "love" for Charlie is obstructing her view of what really transpired on the day that they met.Brittany is concerned about this and notifies the school administration.The police arrive and depart with Annie, drawing unwanted attention from fellow students at her high school. The FBI have Annie contact Charlie, in an attempt to identify him, but he figures out the ruse and breaks off contact with her before the FBI can trace his location.Annie is evidently bitter towards Brittany and her parents, as she's under the false pretense that Charlie loves her.A few more days pass, and although Charlie has not been identified, DNA evidence proves he has sexually abused several other young girls.

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