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"Take your panties off, naughty little girl," he said softly to her as he continued to stroke his cock. He'd never asked her to take her panties off for him before. Naughty little girls who aren't teases do what the man asks them to do." The little girl pulled her panties down, because she's a naughty little girl who isn't a tease today. Eventually it did end, but he left his head in her mouth for a little while longer, letting the final twitches of his cock expel the last few drops. "There you go," the man said, rubbing his fingers gently through her hair. And as he climbed off the bed, she thought to herself, if he wants to put his penis inside me next time, I'll let him.

Then she spread her legs open again, her panties falling down to her frilly white ankle socks. She was trying not to taste them, but she could smell them, they were right in front of her nose. The man started stoking his cock again, his balls still pressed against her mouth. "There you go, my sweet little whore." She smiled up at him. Grown up girls let men put their penises inside them. I liked the interplay between the two protagonists.

Her eyes were wide and dark, staring directly at his manhood. She lifted her hands to his penis and begin a soft, gentle, tactile exploration. But his question startled her, even if she didn't show it. " She tore her eyes away from his penis and looked at him, concerned. She ran her cool little fingers delicately over his scrotum. " "If you want me to swallow it, I will." "Tell me you want to kiss my balls, naughty little girl," the man said to the little girl. A fine piece of criticism, many thanks.--Chris As I read I could feel my balls rubbing her smooth sweet face And I could feel the head of my cock forcing her mouth open and shooting my hot cum down her throat.

"I'm a naughty little girl," she said, her voice soft and high-pitched. She lifted her legs up in the air and hooked her hands under her knees, spreading her legs wide, her little feet with their little frilly ankle socks held wide apart.

" The little girl kept looking at him with her big dark eyes, not smiling at all now. "Open your mouth, naughty little girl," he said to her. She lay there underneath him with her mouth wide open, looking up at him with her wide, dark eyes. She felt her mouth fill with even more of his semen, and all she could think was that she wanted to get away from him so that he didn't shoot any more of it into her mouth.

She pulled her panties down even further, so that he could see all of her little pussy. Her chubby little pubic mound was pale and bald, rising provocatively from her skinny belly, leading his gaze down to her virginal pussy lips. But then she remembered that she was supposed to swallow it. So she just closed her eyes, kept her mouth open wide, and waited for him finish. He watched her, with her eyes clenched tight, her angelic face contorted with revulsion.

" he asked, rubbing his cock in front of the little girl.

The little girl looked at him with her big dark eyes. She was such a beautiful little girl, so pure and virginal and perfect, her round little face red with sexual arousal. And then he stuffed the big head of his big penis into the little girl's mouth.

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