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Perhaps the grimmest aspect of the ongoing emergency in Puerto Rico is that the knowledge of the aftermath of Hurricane Maria—including 10 deaths, the devastation of entire swathes of the island, and dire shortages of food, water, and fuel—come from the teaspoonfuls of information that have dribbled out of the island.Most places don’t have power, and won’t for weeks, if not months.Members of the Mainland Rowing boys & girls teams were on hand to present a check in the amount of 0.00 to the Alcove Center for Grieving Children & Families in Northfield.(pictured from Alcove: Mindy Shemtov)The Alcove center was chosen to be the recipient of our "Row for Humanity" Erg-A-Thon fundraising efforts.For the millions of people in the Puerto Rican diaspora, both on the island and on the mainland, the lack of information is one of the most disruptive parts of the disaster.For people living on the island, it’s often impossible to get word out as conditions deteriorate, to know when aid might be coming, or to coordinate the delivery and access to life-saving services.The ice along the lake can be uneven, so sturdy footwear and ice cleats are recommended.The winds can pick up quickly on the lake, so be sure to bundle up and wear layers to adjust as needed.

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While there’s no shortage of stories on the long-term implications of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on Puerto Rico and its existing humanitarian problems, at the moment many Puerto Ricans haven’t yet settled a more basic question: Who made it through the storm and its aftermath?The ice caves are typically only assessable for a short season, and the parking area at Meyers Beach fills quickly.Parking on the road is an option, but be careful of other drivers.The caves and cliffs extend along the lakeshore for another 2 miles.Each of the caves is filled with its own brilliant display of icicles that change on a daily basis.

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