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This is a common complaint among pregnant women, and some find that it continues to bother them after giving birth. https://gov/pubmed/17718873 [Accessed October 2017] Rathfisch G et al. Protection of continence in pregnancy, labor and postpartum periods. https://gov/pubmed/24784708 [Accessed October 2017] Shamliyan TA et al. Systematic review: Randomized, controlled trials of nonsurgical treatments for urinary incontinence in women. https://gov/pubmed/18268288 [Accessed October 2017] Subak LL et al. Weight loss: A novel and effective treatment for urinary incontinence. Normally your nerves, ligaments, and pelvic floor muscles work together to support your bladder and keep the urethra closed so urine doesn't leak. Does cesarean section reduce postpartum urinary incontinence? International Journal of Urological Nursing 6(3):100-106. (But even some moms who have a scheduled c-section and avoid labor altogether continue to have stress incontinence after delivery.) You may also have a greater risk of postpartum stress incontinence if you: Recent research suggests that genetic predisposition may play a role as well. The pelvic floor during pregnancy and after childbirth, and the effect of pelvic floor muscle training on urinary incontinence -- a literature review. Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health 61(4):507-511. Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP 46(3):559-564. pid=S0080-62342012000300005&script=sci_arttext&tlng=en [Accessed October 2017] Mac Arthur C et al. Urinary incontinence persisting after childbirth: Extent, delivery history, and effects in a 12-year longitudinal cohort study. For some moms, leaking stops completely or becomes much less frequent within a few weeks of giving birth, while for others it can persist in varying degrees for several months or even longer. Talk to your provider – she may want to do a physical exam to rule out a urinary tract infection (especially if you also have symptoms such as pain or burning when you urinate). CD005654.pub3/full [Accessed October 2017] Gagnon LH et al. Impact of pelvic floor muscle training in the postpartum period. Your provider will probably also recommend that you do Kegel exercises regularly, and make them a lifelong habit. The impact of gestational diabetes mellitus on postpartum urinary incontinence: A longitudinal cohort study on singleton pregnancies. https://gov/pubmed/22901044 [Accessed October 2017] Dumoulin C et al. Pelvic floor muscle training versus no treatment, or inactive control treatments, for urinary incontinence in women. People with autism may be worried about the perceived stigma surrounding their diagnosis or just the awkwardness of telling someone about it on a non-autistic dating site, Cantu told Buzzfeed News. “We wanted to create a website that brought together people on the spectrum for dating and friendships, but also be able to differentiate people’s spectrum traits,” Cantu told Buzz Feed News.On Spectrum Singles, users with similar attributes are matched based on a 184-question test the duo created called the Spectrum Compatibility Test.

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The app Sober (Free, i Tunes) brings those people together.

When done correctly and often, they can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and give you better bladder control.

(Your provider will make sure you know how to do them the right way.) If you were obese when you got pregnant, or if you gained more pregnancy weight than recommended, it can help to lose the excess weight through diet and exercise. Does episiotomy influence vaginal resting pressure, pelvic floor muscle strength and endurance, and prevalence of urinary incontinence 6 weeks postpartum? https://gov/pubmed/27059092 [Accessed October 2017] Buchsbaum GM et al. Urinary incontinence in nulliparous women and their parous sisters. https://gov/pubmed/16319249 [Accessed October 2017] Chang SR et al. Association of mode of delivery with urinary incontinence and changes in urinary incontinence over the first year postpartum.

“I myself and many other people on the spectrum are uncomfortable with physical affection.

Most other dating sites do not include a question about this, but it can be very important.” Turns out, Spectrum Singles isn't the It often seems like the only place to meet new people IRL (or have a first date) is at a bar.

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