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Kore-eda’s new film, Our Little Sister, could just as easily be called Three Sisters (and a Half).The three are Sachi (Haruka Ayase), the eldest, a stern and efficient nurse; Yoshino (Masami Nagasawa), who works in a bank and has a weakness for irresponsible, underemployed men and alcohol; and Chika (Kaho), the wide-eyed youngest who works in a sportswear shop and doesn’t remember much of the parental drama her siblings witnessed. He is an award-winning arts journalist and playwright, and his plays, including Hungry to Bed, Rescue & Recovery, Mileage and This Passion Thing, have been produced internationally.When the socially awkward office worker Kie (Ayase) first comes across Mitsumasa (Takumi Saito) – heir to the company she works at and the aristocratic Kodai family’s eldest son, who has secretly inherited the mind-reading power of his British grandmother (Charlotte Kate Fox) – she develops all types of wacky fantasies, without realising that those very silly thoughts have already won over the telepathic Mitsumasa.After the pair start dating, the inarticulate Kie is shocked that Mitsumasa understands her every move, and her whimsical mind also becomes a source of amusement for Mitsumasa’s younger sister (Kiko Mizuhara) and brother (Shotaro Mamiya).Taking place in Kyoto, Haruka Ayase plays the roll of “Mayuko” a woman who is standing at a crossroad in her life.She’s constantly thinking about the next step in her life, marriage to her boyfriend “Kyoichi” (played by (Hiroyuki Hirayama).

In a film that ponders the boundaries of mental intimacy like few others have, it’s a cop-out to simply assert that love conquers all.We come to feel we know and understand these young women, and to sympathize with them as they seek to make the right choices in life … These are women who have had to figure out on their own what it means to grow up, following desertion of different kinds — first by their father, then their mother. We gradually understand that Suzu fears that her half sisters secretly blame her for the breakup of their own parents’ marriage. We watch Sachi come to terms with her own actions in dating a married man, and Yoshino inch her way toward behaving more responsibly. Actress Haruka Ayase recently attended a press conference for her latest film project “Honno-ji Hotel”.Also starring veteran actor Shinichi Tsutsumi, the film will hit Japanese theaters on January 14th.

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