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Within 24 hours of this story being written, online image sharing site Pinterest announced a 7 million funding round and a new billion dollar valuation, and two Bo A/Merrill Lynch Bo A advisors hypothesized that Instagram’s value is around billion.

Between January and February 2015, there has been billion invested across a variety of types, according to our Innovation Investment Tracker.

Not surprisingly, most students shied away when asked about their activity on the apps.

They wanted to be left anonymous, as if this was a piece would accuse them of an illegal activity.

It’s just dating, people, everyone our age wants to meet someone.

As of May this year, Tinder, a popular dating app, had served 50 million matches, according to Tech Crunch.

And NYU’s steady resistance to forming a community has led many students down the path of the dating app, whether they’ll admit it or not.This time through, the “basic building blocks for digital services and products” are no longer things that firms must build by hand in-house.Instead they are available in a variety of form factors, cheaply and ubiquitously – which means they can be efficiently combined, refined and redeveloped.Gurley said, noting that some of these unicorns – particularly things going head-to-head like Uber and Lyft or Square and Stripe – cannot all succeed at once.It is worth noting that Gurley -through his firm Benchmark – invested in Uber and Snapchat, two of the market’s more prominent unicorns.

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