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Because the only way we can truly have compassion is if we are strong in our faith. Instinctively, most of you would go for the obvious answer: wrong.You may find yourself with someone where you carry a huge amount of the load of parenting or other parts of being a family with little sense of partnership. God yearns for our love, our devotion, our attentiveness, our obedience, because He knows it is what is good.

You will be surprised to hear that the type of woman I am talking about today, and the reason responsible for my disbelief, is the fact that this woman is in fact Muslim.

It’s not about nice guys, though often that is misconstrued to meaning men who are supplicating or submissive towards women.

But here, let’s take it to mean men who are kind, generous, thoughtful–in other words who epitomize what 1st Corinthians living men should be like.

I think what women have failed to understand, perhaps because having total choice in relationships is still relatively recent for them, is that those characteristics merely open the door to possibility.

The idea that a man is kind, good, generous, brave and hard working should be enough to win her heart is not enough.

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