Dating japanese sim

(Updated) - If you access any child pornography site that falls under the list provided by the Internet Content Safety Association (ICSA), such browsing request is blocked by the DNS server and a message stating that browsing is restricted is displayed.

- If a connection continues for more than a certain amount of time, the connection may be disconnected.

Please check that the correct information is configured. In case you cannot connect even if the correct information is configured, try the following.

· Unmount and remount the SIM card, and then restart the communication device · Reconfigure the settings (even if correctly configured, try reconfiguring the settings). · If airplane mode or wireless LAN is enabled, disable them. During the service period, you can purchase the "IIJmio Coupon Card" to recharge the SIM card to add extra data. When you have used up your specified data traffic volume, you can only access the Japan Travel SIM website.

- If a connection continues without transmission for more than a certain amount of time, the connection may be disconnected.

This service is a "best-effort communication service," and it may not provide high transmission rates due to radio conditions or heavy traffic.

NTT docomo's roaming partner ( You'll jump to docomo's page.

Once you place an order you will not be able to change the Service Start Date so please be careful.For detailed information about the Brastel card, visit Brastel's website. Follow the settings for the device you are using to register user information to use the device.For details on how to apply the configuration profile, see here.The configuration profile is necessary if you use i Phone5s/5c/6.

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