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If you’re in the USA or Canada or the UK, you better turn your device off or log off those chat apps when you go to bed, because they don’t seem to have any understanding of the time difference J.Be careful of when they use the term ‘play’ with you when chatting. Both Wechat and QQ have a search function so if nobody is looking for you, then you can go looking for them.You see Chinese women tend to earn more than most Chinese men, which obviously makes these same Chinese guys feel pretty insecure.What this means for European, Canadian and American men is that there are literally millions of stunning, intelligent, affluent young women in China who are literally dying to be romanced by a man who really cares about them.

Be prepared to eat lots of strange stuff, but mostly all good. There is definitely a big difference between the savvy and know-how of the girls in the Tier 1 cities compared to the tier 3, 4 and 5 cities. Don’t be surprised to discover that Chinese girls from smaller cities don’t know a lot outside of China, don’t know a lot about sex and appear to act like 14–15-year-olds! Because there are many western guys in those places, you have competition.In the past 30 years, many western guys have made the move to China and married lovely ladies from the Middle Kingdom.Many have also taken their Chinese wives back to their country to live.If you meet a girl in one of the big cities, that will probably go okay. If you’re meeting in a smaller town, you best make it the hotel or the airport.The level of English that she can speak will determine the success of your dating visit. When we talk about China, we mean the Chinese mainland.

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