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The Slant-Needle was a dramatic departure from previous Sewing Machine Designs! It has an internal 103 teeth motor belt with a maximum of 750 stitches per minute, portable with a carrying handle but does not fit in a cabinet, and a 5 year warranty on electronics.

Doehler-Jarvis and Singer Manufacturing Company How Doehler-Jarvis Helped Singer Develop ... The Singer 301 is made of die-cast aluminum and weighs 16 lbs.

What had been discovered was the way to extend a familiar two-dimensional control . The Singer 301 was the first model to be manufactured and the Model Number Tag was simply 301.

It was not until 1 January 1953 that Singer identified the Anderson, South Carolina factory by placing the suffix "A" after the model number when the first 301A was manufactured, NA185751-NA500000 and NB000001-NB200000 all had the 301A tag.

In one minute it can throw up to 1,500 stitches into your lady's crinolines. Many had to be refurbished, a lot of people state they are to loud and noisy, cheap plastic assembly, scratches easily, extension tray cracks and is hard to open, lots of problems with the bobbin holder and they surely were not built to last a lifetime, and then some, like the Singer 301. These 30 machines went through rigorous testing and inspection of parts for several months as it was an entirely new sewing machine.

This new slant-needle sewing machine would become the Singer Model 301. By the time the "Slant Needle" model came along, "Tripod-Control Dimensioning" had grown to a full-fledged design and production technique . Singer's new 160th Limited Edition is Inspired by Classic design, modern features and traditional touches.

Ironically, it has the same number as the stitch type it sews - Stitch Type 301 - Lockstitch. The Singer 160 is made of plastic and weighs 18.6 lbs.

It was extremely reliable designed to withstand the daily abuse from high school students. Machine With All These Other Smooth Sewing Features!

For better visibility when sewing it had a nine degree inclined needle-bar referred as a Slant-Needle that would utilize slant shank feet, a proprietary of Singer system. * Wide Range Speed Control * Starts at a Touch * Both Knee & Foot Control * Seam-Width Guides *Flexible Spool Pins * Simplified Threading * Automatic Bobbin Winder * Sews Forward or Back * Non-Glare Light * Hand Stitch Regulator * Accurate Tension Dial * Drop Feed Principal Parts of a Singer Model 301 Singer 301 Features: The date of August 12th is used in celebrating Singer Anniversary's, as marked by the issued patent of the first Singer sewing machine by Isaac Merritt Singer on August 12, 1851.

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