Dating a kabar

Very nice Ka-Bars seen the Robeson USMC's sell for that kind of money...that's not what you've seen sell on ebay?

And the black stitched scabbards were made for the Robeson and are also a tough item to find.

The early govt specs called for blued blades so Union Cutlery made them with a high gloss commercial quality bluing.

The pommels were specified to be snag free so Union Cutlery welded the pommels in place and then ground them smooth.

This example is an early production piece although a bit "salty" in condition.

dating a kabar-36

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about KA-BAR Customer Service.

Now the blade is not quite so blunt and the specification requiring a smooth pommel has been changed. This example betters shows off just how handsome these knives were.

There was also a "2nd generation" red spacer USMC KA-BAR that typically has triple black spacers at the pommel but I don't have one of those to show you.

April 29, 1897 In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a group of 38 men form a Limited Partnership, known as Tidioute Cutlery Company, to manufacture and sell cutlery. Brown purchases the assets of the Tidioute Cutlery Company, and applies to the Governor of Pennsylvania to form a corporation, the Union Razor Company (later changed to Union Cutlery Company in 1909), for the purpose of manufacturing and selling cutlery.

The formation is now widely considered to be the beginnings of KA-BAR Knives, Inc. December 1911 A new Union Cutlery Company is registered in Olean, New York, creating two Union Cutlery Company incorporations: the original in Tidioute, Pennsylvania and the new one in Olean, New York.

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