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We will cover the cost of the postage fee you pay to return the item to us.The shipping fee will be refunded to you after the returned item has arrived in our warehouse with the receipt, any further costs incurred during the return process will be at your expense.If the item is faulty after 3 days after delivery or 30 days after shipment (Brazil and Russia are 40 days after shipment), we will not provide any refund, resend or repair service.We will only provide advisory services to help you solve the problem.1.We will refund the price you paid deduct all shipping charges after we have received the item, checked the condition and made sure the original accessories are included (all items must be without any damages or scratches).Note: During the return shipping you are responsible for any customs charges or tariffs to return the item.Please send item back to us through local post office instead of express service like DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX...

For female solo travelers, stepping out of the airport here can seem a bit daunting at first, but, after making the I wouldn’t do it any other way.Customers can discuss this with customer service to reach an agreement.Artificial factors such as dis-assembly, misuse, drops, crashes or falls, water damage, unofficial firmware or software modifications or any others causes of damage are not covered.Better yet—you are going to get some spectacular views of the country and make new local friends.Lean out the open doorway of an old British colonial train or squeeze onto a bus, bumping along as the Singhalese tunes pump you up for your journey.

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