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Analysts expect the acceleration to continue over the next five years.

Target marketing, changing demographics, and decreasing stigma about online dating are continually bringing new users to fore.

To most of us, it’s “the number in the middle” or a number that is “balanced”.

I’m a fan of taking multipleviewpoints, so here’s another interpretation of the average: The average is the value that can replace every existing item, and have the same result.

If there’s two middle numbers (even number of items), just take their average.The mode sounds strange, but it just means take a vote.And sometimes a vote, not a calculation, is the best way to get a representative sample of what people want.Of course there are sites aimed at specific religious or ethnic groups, but there are also those who aim to match couples with very specific interests.The Passion Network, for example, is a small empire of 250 dating hubs like Thanks to the growth of such sites, the industry has expanded at 3.5 percent a year since 2008 — right through the recession — to become a .1 billion powerhouse.

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