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Due to a clerical error, he was discharged two weeks early and years later after a disastrous dinner party with his old sergeant, Homer was forced to complete his tour of duty.When the couple were in their mid-20s, Marge became pregnant with Bart (after discovering this, Homer tore out half of his hair).However, before she started protesting, she took Homer and her husband to the Woodstock Music Festival, where Homer ended up briefly adopting the Hippie lifestyle (and Abe Simpson attempted to send him off to the Vietnam War as punishment for wanting to be a hippie, but obviously failed, given Homer's age at the time).At age 12, Homer along with Lenny, Carl and Moe Szyslak went over to a deep gorge for a nice swim, but the water was drained.(see Simpson family)Parents: Abraham Simpson II and Mona Simpson (deceased)Stepmother: Rita La Fleur Wife: Marge Bouvier Ex-Wife: Amber Simpson Children: Bart Simpson Lisa Simpson Maggie Simpson Hugo Simpson II (non-canon)Uncles: Hubert Simpson Tyrone Simpson Chet Simpson Cyrus Simpson Bill Simpson Aunt: Hortense Simpson Marital Aunts: Cyrus' 15 wives Great-Uncles: Boris Simpson and Zeke Hickman Great-Aunts: Bonita Simpson Elrita Simpson Twitta Simpson Cousins: Frank Simpson Valerie Rothman Half-Brother: Herbert Powell Half-Sister: Abbie Simpson Grandfather: Orville Simpson Grandmother: Yuma Hickman Sisters-in-Law: Patty Bouvier Selma Bouvier Father-in-Law: Clancy Bouvier Mother-in-Law: Jacqueline Gurney Marital Niece: Ling Bouvier (adopted)Cousin-in-Law: Dave Rothman is the protagonist of the show and the spouse of Marge Simpson and the father of Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, and Maggie Simpson.Homer is overweight, lazy, and often ignorant to the world around him.Since then Homer has started many jobs, including being a professional astronaut for NASA, but has ended up back where he began at the Nuclear Plant.He has nearly caused the destruction of Springfield a couple of times, after a nuclear meltdown at the plant and polluting Lake Springfield with his pet pig's (and his own) waste. He lost his mother at a young age and his father never took notice to Homer.

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During this time, Marge gets a letter accepting her into college.To pay for her tuition, Abe gives Homer a job at Simpson Lazer Tag as well as this, along with Lou, Lenny and Carl, Homer is part of a barbershop quartet.When Marge becomes infatuated by her professor, Homer changes the band's name to Sadgasm and they invent grunge music.Although Homer has many flaws he has shown great caring, love, and even bravery to those he cares about.He served as the main protagonist of the TV series and the 2007 film.

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