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And hates it even more when the wife takes off with the kids.

Let me give him a call and see what I can do." Two hours later Judge Reynolds signed an order for Megan to return my boys to me and backed it up with a warrant for her arrest.

So, I loaded all my earthly possessions, filled up my tank with gas and got ready for my return trip.

"Well, she's not going to get too far," I told both sets of parents. Remember, the last I heard, was that you wanted the house, my 401k and my ball cut off and bronzed. Just drop the charges so I can move on." "Sorry, no can do.

"Maybe this time she'll be forced to talk to me." It took almost six hours before they caught her. You'd already cleaned out our savings and checking accounts, what was I supposed to think? Not until you and I come to some kind of understanding." "You know the charges aren't going to stick.

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